Bob Lundgreen

Graphic storyteller & live visual artist

Bob is a danish storyteller and mixed media artist, specialised in blending narrative driven visuals with performing arts. He is a published comics creator with a bachelor degree in Graphic Storytelling from The Animation Workshop.

Bob also works as a freelancer in graphic design, illustration and promotional narratives.

As a member of the international society of artists called the "GhostScouts", he travels the world in search of creative exploration and personal adventures.



Elusia, din drøm er kun et klik væk.

Teater Grob September 2021


Maria Cordsen, Anne Sofie Wanstrup

Live Visual Artist: Bob Lundgreen Kristiansen

Producent: Teater GrobSe mere
Dramatiker, forfatter: Zara Lea Palmquist
Instruktør: Jesper Pedersen
Forestillingsleder: Mie Kanø
Producent: Maja Ries
Lysdesigner: Mathias Hersland
Lyddesigner: Asger Kudahl
Scenografisk konsulent: Kristian Knudsen & Project Extended Universe

An experimental colloboration between four European theatres to create a shared universe of transmedia storytelling spanning across multiple platforms. 

Extended Universe Partners:

Boundless Theatre, UK

Entropia, Grækenland

Sala Beckett, Spanien

Teater Grob, Danmark

The Key of Elusia,

Four stories translated into one.


Get Naked in Karlovy Vary

a graphic essay written by Steave Seagle with art by Bob Lundgreen, 

collected in the critically acclaimed anthology "Get Naked" by Image comics

In the spirit of essayist David Sedaris and monologist Spalding Grey, SEAGLE and 19 emerging global cartoonists take drawn storytelling into the world of the “graphic essay.” 19 stories of global attitudes about the naked body balance raw comedy, raw emotions, and raw cartooning. SEAGLE honestly chronicles his place as an undressed metaphorical fish out of water on different continents— from not recognizing a famous naked celeb in Hollywood to being naked and eaten by actual fish in Tokyo.

WRITER: Steven T. Seagle

ARTISTS: Bob Lundgreen, Emei Olivia Burell, Thomas Vium, Fred Tornager, 

Cecilie "Q" Maintz Thorsen, Mads Ellegård Skovbakke, Erlend Hjortland Sandøy,

 Aske Schmidt Rose, Thorbjørn Petersen, Ingvild Marie Methi, Sim Mau, Silja Lin,  

Angelica Inigo Jørgensen, Hope Hjort, Rebekka Davidsen Hestbæk, Andrada-Aurora Hansen, Christoffer Hammer, Patricia Amalie Eckerle and Tina Burholt.


NorthSide Music Festivals very own superhero, fighting for a cleaner and greener experience.

a narrative branding campaign about the sustainability efforts of the festival, set in a universe designed to strengthen environmental awareness.


Bob Lundgreen & Kristian Bay Kirk

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